Tuesday 1 April 2008

Panic stations

Have reduced my writing time for this blog to 10 min, remembered the timer today. How long it takes to get back into a routine - yesterday the flowing writing exercise only lasted 5 minutes before I was interrupted, for good. I love my guests, but I can't write as well; I am still having to catch up on writing left undone while we were away.

As soon as I finish this, I'll have to pay the bills, that is waiting too.

Wrote a critique of Wislawa's Yogi poem yesterday - that's not its real name. (This is making me wonder about its real name which is about a 'non-existent expedition to the Himalayas'. Shall have to revisit that.) It was so rewarding to focus on this properly, taking time. Shall review two more poems today, one of which will be Water, which I am sure is a metaphor for freedom. The problem will be to convince an audience/readers of this, or at least to write convincingly enough so that people are willing to consider it a possibility.

Re-read an old exercise - a poem where every line has to follow a dictate. It was so bad, a complete nonsense. I had to go back and check the feedback I was getting for the electronic course to reassure myself that I had anything to offer.

I am supposed to write a prose poem this week, plus a line-break poem. I don't see myself getting there yet. Aaaah, angst!

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