Friday 18 April 2008


8:20 am - Yesterday was Whitireia day, despite lack of sleep, felt fine all day. A poem was praised. Good.

The Purple Bathing Suit increasingly strikes cold in my heart - how could I not see the hate in it when I first read it?

Also back was not the word he had in mind watching her, it would have been ass, always assuming that he is American.:

"...your back is my favourite part of you,
the part furthest from your mouth..."

Have looked up Louise Gluck on the Central Library website, and they have three of her books. A review indicates that she's a Christian poet, given to addressing God. (And avoiding words like ass). Nevertheless, shall give her a try.

I have also just remembered - because of this - Kathleen Norris, who wrote that lovely book Cloister Walk, a book that I've owned for many years now and that I re-read with pleasure. Nothing simpering about it. It occurs to me that she's a poet I should try reading. Also May Sarton, whom I think of so warmly. Only ever read her diaries/journals. Such determination to stay away from poetry, I can't believe I did that.

I have another review to prepare for in a fortnight's time, Norris or Sarton would be good. A slim volume.
Yesterday, took several new books from the library, including Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, - to complete my literary education - the characters are so horrible that I can't read it all in one go.

Enough for today. Am completely back in routine, peaceful. Tomorrow will be busy with Passover. Saturday, so no blog.

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