Thursday 3 April 2008

Lunch with Crocodiles

Thursday morning, so off to Whitireia for the poetry course, after what feels like a long break, but was in fact only two weeks. I shall present a review of Wislawa Symborska's book, View with a Grain of Sand, 1000 words exactly. And if I can finish the prose poem for the online course, I'll be near to catching up what I missed while we were away. Just one more poem to write before Monday, and then I'm on track.

The only reading yesterday was Wislawa's verses, over and over. And a bit of Zen stuff to quieten the poor old mind, before going to sleep. I did sleep well.

Wrote feedback on other people's poems. Lorraine's is entitled Pre Christmas Lunch with Crocodiles, what a hoot, loved it.

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