Monday 25 February 2008


Busy, a very physical day, but lots of writing, some reading - Lynn J's review of Gunter Grass's Peeling the Onion,

Always a struggle whenever anyone acknowledges that the Germans had a tough time too, though I know it myself from reading about Wilfrid Israel. I have to rediscover the quote of his - he wrote a speech for a famous bishop (so famous I don't know his name) in which he said that the first nation conquered by the Nazis was Germany...
Thousands of them arrested and killed.
And yet when I read that someone is sorry for the Germans, it sticks in my craw.

Who said that one has to be logical all the time?

The other piece I read Oh joy was a review of Saramago's latest book in the Guardian, Death at Intervals. A society where death ceases to happen... Death is female in Portuguese apparently, and they have kept her that way in the translation. I was very happy to see that the reviewer connected her with Terry Pratchett's Death. Also funny. Can't wait to read it.

Finished the Terracotta Dog, noticed more cultural differences, people - men - hugging and kissing , an easy expression of love and devotion between peole. Looked for the Saramago moment which occurs when Montalbino talks to his erection and his erection talks back. Couldn't find it so can't quote, sorry. Book had to go back to friend.

Off to bed, it's after midnight, busy day tomorrow too, have to make a blueberry tart for Clare.

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