Friday 22 February 2008

Aurelio Zen

Browsing among the rows of books in our writing room at Whitireia, suddenly found an Aurelio Zen mystery by Michael Dibdin. Aurelio is an urbane and sophisticated detective who lives with his mother in Florence, and the atmosphere of Italy is well captured; nice to read for relaxation.

Am still reading Natalie G's Thunder and Lightening, as well as a book on writing by John Marsden. His stories are for young adults, well written - that sounds condescending, they are best-sellers - I found the first books in the series absolutely mesmerising, very realistic, terse and fast paced, a group of young people in Australia, going on a tramp for a week, and when they come out again, they find that the country has been taken over by an enemy (unspecified, but human). This book is about writing also aimed at young people, and not all that good all the time, but am looking for a solution to the structure of my book, and I feel I am feeding that part of my brain that is busy with it by reading books about writing. Plus keeping motivated for the free writing practice.

Had a look at the library at Whitireia, a good section on poetry, including a book of poems by Lily Brett, not Holocaust inspired for once, so more interesting. When I get my student card, shall be able to tap into that - next week in fact.

Also was lent a book by Israeli poet Yehudah Amichai. I didn't know he had died. Am wondering if I'll find something there which might fit in with my project, about inner peace and the connection with a place which is home. Am not quite sure that is an accurate description of my project, but that'll do for now. My reading has to go in that direction for the next year, that is my main reading. I'll read for inspiration and for soothing and for fun and for learning. Only some is obviously useful. Enough for now, off to bed soon. In the last week only three blogs, not good enough. Also four practices. It should be six of each. A goal to aim for.

If anyone reads this blog and has an idea about a poet I should read on this topic, do let me know please.

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