Thursday 28 February 2008

Late again

Today was a day at Whitireia, busy and good. We all worked hard.
I've been reading the poems for the short introductory course, such fun. The name of the poet was Mark Levine.
I was deeply touched by his last line - The Mother. The matter. The fabric. The fold. - Of course, Mother and Father, the fabric enfolds, holds, lovely.
Don't understand much of what went before - The breeze in the wardrobe ? The cracked archipelago ? Shall see if anyone else on the course can make sense of it, that might be fun.
Have printed the poems out and gathered them into a folder for re-reading, I think it takes a while to get the gist of this.
Have gained confidence that there is Something There, which makes it much more fun. A bit like crosswords.
Still no new title for this blog. Unhappy with the almond tree, have discovered how commonplace it is in blogdom, linked to lots of religious meanings. Am not against religion, but not here.

The List poem I wrote - Introduction - went down well everywhere, including James, Helen and Peter. That must be good.
The poem I wrote for the 2nd year course, that's another story: it had four stanzas, two big ones and two little ones. The first big one I was not sure about and wrote it in italics to signal that it might have to go (why did I think that italics would indicate that? no one understood it that way, people were polite about it) - they thought that was the best part of the poem. In fact, the rest could just go. Am happy with that.
I learnt today that writing 'poemy' poems is Not On. No one liked the word 'agony', nor would I use it much in speech myself, come to think of it. Too melodramatic. So no more melo. That's if I can detect it in time, before it gets exposed.
I haven't done my writing practice today except for 10 min at the course, so have to get going. It's late.
Maybe my title should be No melo. There's a Hebrew expression like that but I can't remember it now - Bli drama , two words meaning, Let's just do what needs to be done and not fuss, or run around screaming. Succinct, Zen.
Hah - title for the blog: Don't run around screaming ? No melo ?
Something like that. Give it a day or two to mature.
That's all for today.

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