Books as from December 2011

                                                             The Oxford Book of American Poetry (2006)
Alexander, Caroline                          The Endurance, Shacklock's expedition to Antarctica (1999)
Balfour, Sandy                                  Pretty girl in crimson rose (2003) cryptic crossword + biography
Barnes, Julian                                   The Sense of an Ending (2010)
Bassani, Giorgio                                The Garden of the Finzi Continis 
Beckett, Samuel                                Proust
Bok, Christian                                   Eunoia
Borges, Jorge  Luis                          On writing
Cartwright, Justin                              White Lightning (2002)
Cather, Willa                                      My Antonia
Catton, Eleanor                                The rehearsal (2008)

Chabon, Michael                              The Yiddish Policemen's Union (2007)
Chodron, Pema                                No time to lose
Ellis, Wallace & Robertson, Darick    Transmetropolitan - graphic novel, vols 1 + 2 
 Erpenbeck, Jenny                             The Old Child & The Book of Words
Fitzgerald, Penelope                         Offshore (1979)
Goldberg, Natalie -                          Wild Writing
Grace, Patricia -                               Potiki
Grossman, David -                           To the End of the Land, translation by Jessica Cohen
Harris, Sam                                       Free will
Highsmith, Patricia                           Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction
Hirsi Ali, Ayaan -                              Infidel (20??)
Hockney, David                              A bigger picture
Houellebecq, Michel                         La carte et le territoire (2010)
Hue & Cry,                                      Issue No. 5 'with a bullet' (2011) lit mag
Hughes, Holly                                  Best Food Writing 2011
Judt, Tony                                        Ill fares the land (2010)
Kermode, Frank                              The Sense of an Ending (1967) 
                                                         see book of same name by Julian Barnes
Kuhn, William                                   Mrs Queen takes the train

McNeish, James                               Dance of the Peacocks (2003)
McNeish, James                               Touchstones (2012)
Mulgan, John                                  Man Alone (1939, reprinted 1960)
Nieuwenhuizen, Gila  (ed.)             Harvest from the Tree of Life      
Orwell, George                                The War Broadcasts
Perkins, Emily                                  The Forrests (2012)
Plumb, Vivienne                              The Diary as a Positive in Adult Female Behaviour
                                                           Secret City: A Novel
                                                           The Wife who spoke Japanese in her Sleep
Proust Marcel -                              A la recherche du temps perdu, Volume II - A l'ombre des jeunes                                                                 filles en  fleur
Proust, Marcel                                A la recherche du Temps Perdu - Volume III - Le cote de Guermantes  
Proust, Maarcel                              A la Recherche du Temps Perdu, Volume IV - Sodome et Gomorrhe
Rankin, Ian                                       Not worth remembering - thriller
Rimington, Stella                             Secret Asset (thriller)
Shakespeare, William                     Henry V
Stead, C.K.                                      Talking about O'Dwyer
Sweetman, David                            Mary Renault, A biography 
Toibin, Colm                                   New ways to kill your mother

Trevor, William                               Two Lives
Tyler, Anne                                     Digging to America (2006)
Tyler, Anne                                     The Beginner's goodbye

Vila-Matas, Enrique                        No End to Paris
Veselka, Vanessa                                        Zazen
Weinberg, Sheila Peltz                   Surprisingly Happy
Winman, Sarah                                When God was a rabbit

Slow reading:
Alexander, Christophe                     A Pattern Language  (1977)
Ferguson, Niall                               Civilization
Judt, Tony                                       Postwar  
Kahneman, Daniel                           Thinking, fast and slow

Red Pine                                        The Heart Sutra  translation and commentary
Suzuki, Shunryu                              Zen
Zornberg, Avivah -                         The Beginning of Desire: Reflections on Genesis

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