Books as from January 2013

                                              The Diamond Sutra
Albright, Madeleine                Prague Winter
Appelfeld, Aharon                  The Story of a Life trnslated by
Binet, Laurence                      HhHh
Bornholdt, J. (ed.) et al           New Zealand Poetry
Cowley, Joy                           Navigation, a memoir
Deane, Seamus                      Reading in the Dark
Echenoz, Jean                        Running (2008) translation by Louise ??
                                              Ravel (200?) translation by Louise ??
                                              Piano (??) translation?
                                              Big Blondes (199?) translation??
Englander, Nathan                  What we talk about when we talk about Anne Frank
Enright, Anne                         Taking Pictures (short stories)
                                              The Forgotten Waltz
                                              The Gathering
Heaney, Seamus                    
Fahey, Jacqueline                   Something for the Birds - Memoir Part I
Iyer, Pico                               Cuba and the Night, translated by
Kermode, Frank                    Not entitled
Munro, Alice                          The Love of a Good Woman
Oz, Amos                               How to Cure a Fanatic - Israel and Palestine: between right and right (2012)

Proust, Marcel                        A la Recherche du Temps Perdu, Vol IV, Sodome & Gomorrhe
Rash, Ron                               The Cove (2012)
Rash, Ron                               A foot in Eden (2002)
Rash, Ron                               The World Made Straight
Roth, Joseph                           Radetzky March, translated from German by Geoffrey Dunlop (1934)

Sjowall, Maj & Wahloo, Per   Roseanna (1968) translation by Lois Roth (2011)
Sjowall, Maj & Wahloo, Per   The Locked Room
Sjowall, Maj & Wahloo, Per   The Man who went up in smoke
Sjowall, Maj & Wahloo, Per   Murder at the Savoy
Sjowall, Maj & Wahloo, Per   The Laughing Policeman
Sjowall, Maj & Wahloo, Per   The fire engine that disappeared
Sjowall, Maj & Wahloo, Per   Cop killers
Sjowall, Maj & Wahloo, Per   The Terrorists
Sjowall, Maj & Wahloo, Per   The Abominable Man
Sjowall, Maj & Wahloo, Per   The Man on the Balcony
Skoot, Rebecca                       The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Toibin, Colm                             The Blackwater Lightship
                                                The South
                                               The Heather Blazing
Undset, Sigrid                         Gunnar's Daughter (1936 ) translation by Arthur G. Chater
Wall, Alan                               Writing fiction, Need to know  series (Collins, 2007)
Wasserstein, Bernahrd             On the Eve: the Jews of Europe before the Second World War

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