Friday 16 September 2011

Enter Proust

It will soon be time for another of the monthly congregational newsletters, which will eat into my time. I've managed to return to my routine of writing every day. Also compiling a list of possible 'scenes' for one of the characters from the translated German document. Then I can make up the material for the character based on that information.

Told P that the division of the book into two volumes according to time and place was now less clear and he was very peeved. I was amazed. Attachment is a strange thing.

Under the influence of de Waal's Hare, I've picked up Proust and am reading him slowly. (I ignored the introduction - it will probably be meaningful when I've finished the book). There is a lot of permission-giving (for me) in the self-centered exploration that he does. Self-centered, but not egocentric. How does he manage that?

Tried to buy a copy of A la Recherche, but it was all too expensive and then found a complete set at the library. The first volume does not belong to the set - or rather it is from a different one - and it is small, the text very dense on the page. Not a good read.

At the same time, took out a book by Marguerite Duras, Yeux bleus, cheveux noirs, Pfouah! Quelle horreur! Two neurotic characters who cry all the time, preoccupied with sexuality. Very irritating.

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