Tuesday 20 September 2011

Sophia's wild man

I have him here again, I am looking at the photo.

I am looking at the photo as a vertical, face to face, but actually he is lying down. The space between the nose and the mouth is relatively large. I like his mouth a lot. Though his eyes are closed, he is awake. His mouth is blocked by this white shell, with what looks like an opening, but leads to a shallow space.

Does the whiteness of the shell refer to us Palangi? Does he talk Palangi, is he obliged to talk Palangi, not expressing his true self, while thinking thoughts that go round and round in his head like that silken coil on his forehead? The shell is very much a local shell, a shell from the Pacific Ocean. It must be special in some way, since someone has thought to make an adornment of it. Looking at the length of the cord, when one wears it, it probably sits just a little way down from where the neck joins the chest, below the little hollow there.

I have written my one thousand words this morning, it takes me 20 minutes. May nothing get in the way of this.

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