Tuesday 6 October 2009

Dragon carp

We now own a water colour of swirling goldfish, a painting in Chinese style, in a what I think of as a river - the water is clear and turquoise-y, a few slender willow branches trail the surface. Looking at it for the first time at the exhibition, it meant something I am not sure about...not really writeable. The centre of the painting is full of light.

The painter is an elderly lady - by which I mean, older than me. Her name is Ping Ching Mabbett and she said that she was a Buddhist. Then it turned out that she had met Daido Roshi when he first came to New Zealand: he invited her to teach Chinese calligraphy during one of the early meditation retreats in the mountains near Nelson.

Daido Roshi is very unwell, he may be dying.

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