Monday 27 October 2008


Am reading a book both about and by TS Eliot, The Annotated Waste Land with Eliot's contemporary prose (L. Rainey, ed., 2005, Yale University Press).

I read a bit of the poem, it was enough to entice me to read the long introduction by Lawrence Rainey and be drawn in still further. I am looking forward to this very much.

Wrote a poem I'm calling Motherhood - first draft. It seems to have emerged from the Black Lake poem.

Another story: I have been asked to provide a blurb about Kristallnacht events for the programme of the Vector Orchestra concert which commemorates them. I thought I'd quote a bit from my book. Am busy with that, but not quite sure how to approach the whole business. I have till Thursday to sort that out.

Hinemoana suggested that maybe besides reading my poems, I should sing something at the Howltearoa poetry reading at Southern Cross Pub, next Monday November 3rd.

(For readers outside New Zealand, the name Howltearoa is a combination of Allen Ginsburg's poem title Howl, and one of the Maori names for NZ, Aotearoa.)

The poster was produced by the poets' collective who run the monthly poetry readings.

Am thoughtful about the possibility of singing.

I said to my children on Friday: Maybe this is happening too late for me. I feel tired. Backache.

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