Monday, 22 September 2008

Review of last week

Only heard half of the MA reading last week, having to run off somewhere else...

Library visit, resolutely chose a number of poetry books, including Stevie Smith. Practiced reading her poems out loud and have had an insight about rhythm and sound...something to work towards, now. The poem was in Scorpion and other poems (1972, Longman, with drawings by the author and an introduction by Patric (sic) Dickinson). Like the poems, the drawings are fluent, naive and expert simultaneously, little pencil sketches almost like doodles, immensely expressive.


The lines cannot be found now. To do with sin and a half-rhyme with sin - something obvious like bin, and yet neither the poem nor the sentiment were obvious. To read more of her would be good.


Am struggling with Robert Lowell: An introduction to the poetry by Mark Rudman (1983, Columbia University Press) in the hope that it would show me more of what is needed in what I write. I should try reading aloud here too.

The Net produced the list of poems and poets on the CD of the Caedmon Collection of poetry, though have not had the time to listen to much so far.

Not much writing in the last week, shall do better now. Early to bed and early to rise is really the only way.

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