Monday 16 June 2008


The timer is on. Definitely back on track with the structure of the day, getting more done, in all kinds of ways. Picked up my Rilke book, (The Selected Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, S. Mitchell, ed. and translator, Vintage International, 1989) straight into a Fragment of an elegy, read it in one go, and plan to re-read it later. It is part of the Duino Elegies, which Lynn D. had recommended.

Otherwise the Fifth Book of Peace (Maxine Hong King) is proving a disappointment, though I am fighting my way through it. The Fire and Paper section were fine, really good, but am now reading the barely disguised tale of her flight to Hawai with her husband and child, find it cliche ridden, if not in terms of the language, in terms of the ideas and the Oh Gosh style.

The bell has rung.

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