Wednesday 18 June 2008


Timer set again, very short time today, I have to prepare for Whitireia tomorrow, not prepared enough, not enough time allowed. Got caught up in preparing final portfolio for e-course. So only 4 min here today.

Read Rilke last night, the first elegy of the Duino Elegies. What I think of as the backbone of a poem - a thought, an insight, a metaphor - he has for every line. I went reading other bits, and came upon one where he says at the end, baldly: "I must change my life".

Read more Maxine Hong King, relief.

Life took over instead of writing: car to be fixed, shopping.

Buzzer went, not enough time. What I wanted to say was: I should have been writing or editing, instead of reading. Not enough writing these days, except for the free writing exercise, and that not every day. Maxine HK writes that she writes every day. Am sure she means writing proper.

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