Tuesday 28 April 2015

Sarah Arvio, poet

My printer is refusing to print, it says the cartridges are wrong, even though it has worked with those cartridges for a while  - why take against them now?

I don't want to lose what I found via Knopf's poem-a-day free email: a multiple-prize-winning American poet called Sarah Arvio. Here is the beginning of another poem of hers called Animal. My printer's dysfunction has propelled it onto my blog, which I tend to neglect. This Knopfy programme may revive my blog's fortunes. (If interested, sign up to it on their website.)


I am very nervous in myself I
was always nervous as an animal
angling for its home and then homing in

toward a home but never finding it I
was that sort of lost animal although
animals are rarely lost we are lost

as they are not we are the burrowers
in our own dark mud when oh the light and
so on not to be dark or obtuse when

the light is wonderful this wonder that
we should be so dark and lost and the world
was designed to be a home for us or

There is more. You can find it on Brian Brodeur's blog.
The poem is followed by an  interview where she describes how she writes, literally how it happens.
For those who would like to know. 

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