Monday, 16 August 2010

More dreams

Dreams: I dreamt that P and I were moving, we seem to move a lot in my dreams. Last time we were with the children, leaving a place where we had been a while, and people were saying good-bye, but nothing hysterical, just quiet and we were ready to go without any anxiety, I am not sure where we were going to, but it was fine. The children were there too, as children. Next dream: we move into a house which has a retro 50s style, a lot of red and blue and white - lighter than the family room for instance, fully furnished with gadgets, almost too full. It is very satisfactory.
And Tamsyn rang because she had a bad dream, she woke up and wanted to come to me/us. Nice. The dream itself felt scary to her but had bits that seem very positive like wanting to turn on a light switch.

March 2019
I dreamt that I was married to Donald Trump (now President of the USA) . He lay in bed and moaned and was very demanding. I had to look after him and I wondered: How on earth did I allow myself to get into this situation? I then discovered that he could draw most beautifully, very precise drawings in pencil, though some were just the outline of breasts as seen from above, the line breaking where the nipples should be. That seemed to make me reconsider, but why?

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