Monday, 16 August 2010

More dreams

Dreams: I dreamt that P and I were moving, we seem to move a lot in my dreams. Last time we were with the children, leaving a place where we had been a while, and people were saying good-bye, but nothing hysterical, just quiet and we were ready to go without any anxiety, I am not sure where we were going to, but it was fine. The children were there too, as children. Next dream: we move into a house which has a retro 50s style, a lot of red and blue and white - lighter than the family room for instance, fully furnished with gadgets, almost too full. It is very satisfactory.
And Tamsyn rang because she had a bad dream, she woke up and wanted to come to me/us. Nice. The dream itself felt scary to her but had bits that seem very positive like wanting to turn on a light switch.

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