Tuesday 8 December 2009


Busy  reviewing the translation so far, which is taking almost as long as the first time round, but is increasing my confidence.

(Have read several books, one The Prophet by Shulmaith Hareven, which was a disappointment, ending in mid-air like this   )

The translation is taking up too much energy, I have little left for other creative endeavours. The best I have achieved in the review is about 4 pp a day  - and I have another 90 to go.

(Also I rarely can work several days consecutively, breaks are needed from it. Let's say I do 10 pp a week, that would mean another 9 weeks, double that for the review - without counting visitors and festivities, both of which are on the horizon, or the week and a half per month for the newsletter.)

18 weeks is a good number, at 2.5 weeks per month, starting on Feb 1st. It might take me a year.

I must do better.

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