Saturday 14 November 2009

The Great Nanny

Saw Julia and Julie - was that its name ? - film about US TV cook Julia Child, and a present-day writer/cook, cleverly interwoven, and good, pared-down dialogue, endearing characters. Meryl Streep maybe over-acting a bit, but mostly convincing.

The scenes around writing and about the issue of being published or not were upsetting. Close to the bone.

It is distressing to discover how much I want to be able to like the people in movies, and in books, a flaw. Came away from In the Loop - a very good movie, about UK/US politics and a possible war in Iraq - with acute disgust, despite the sometimes witty dialogue, because, entirely believably, none of the characters could remain honest given the pressure. The older the person is supposed to be, the more they are represented as twisted and bitter, while their ambition burns on. Anyone acting ethically or kindly seems a little ridiculous, as if they were living a dream, or in a nursery under the Great Nanny Who rules justly and compassionately over her charges.

Had an insight into a way I might write my book, differently. Off to try it out.

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