Wednesday 13 August 2008

Preparing for the show

Today I shall retrieve my diary.

Two days until our poetry reading. Am still wondering which poems are best to read and how/whether I should introduce them. The political poem definitely needs a neutral word to start off with -

This poem was written in reference to the difficulties of finding peaceful solutions to terrorism.

That might do.

Am making food for the hungry hordes who will come to hear us read - I hope.


Re-writing yesterday: the two-stanza kitsch/schmalz poem has responded well to surgery: immediate relief when the metaphor stanza was removed.

The metaphor now appears briefly in one line, bows and that's the end of the show.

Not happy with the title yet.

Reading yesterday was confined to the Dominion Post in the morning. Ugh. Since we don't watch local TV and rarely listen to the radio, it is our source of local news. This is a non-plug for the DP.

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